Publishing some poems?


I am thinking of getting some of my poems published. I have been sitting on this idea for a long time, but I dont know exactly how to approach it.

If anyone can help or guide me in this matter, I would be grateful.

Warm regards,



5 thoughts on “Publishing some poems?

  1. Hi Shifa

    You can try independent self publishing options like Kindle direct publishing or Createspace. The challenge here lies with distribution and rankings, as these platforms need a good strategy so that your work reaches people who search or are on a lookout for similar content.

    Other option would be Publishing houses that offer self publishing services Notionpress and They take care of the design/graphic essence, marketing and distribution for you but are still considered a novelty as you’ll be paying for the services.

    All the best!

  2. you can self publish via amazon kindle direct publishing . heres a link on how to do it ,

    Couple of my friends have published their writings on amazon as well, even though the sales are not that high couple of people did buy their books.

    Your writing is good and I’m sure people would love to read it, so go for it!!

    Hope it was helpful.

    1. Hello-Your Poetry Reminded Me Of The Goddess I Forever Love Who Regretfully passed Away In 2016 & You Share The Same First Name & Surname-I Ran Into Your Poetry After Looking Online For A Photo Of The Lady I Mentioned & Your Poems Are Poignant But Have Hope In passing Away Because I Died One Night In My Bed. I Had A Spiritual Experience Where My Body Was Floating But When I Went Outside With Me Still Floating It Was very cold and I Went Back Into My Body. It Felt Like a scary Experience At First But I Believe That We Can Cross Over When Our Body is no more

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