Past The Wall

I stand straight, like a wall in the alley
I dont break, I seldom shake
My roots are deep, the wounds still weep
But I stand strong, I still hold on
Beyond the joy and sadness
I stay away from what makes me weak
My image reflects in the mud puddle, right there
I see only the bricks and the sand
Standing mighty tall and blunt
Pushing the wind back where it comes from
I dont let anything cross my path
Invincible! I am The Wall.
Standing erect and too mighty and tall.
I was built to keep you off
I keep you away alright
But shes lonely, the one who hides behind me.
She half wishes that I never was
But she knows I protect, I save her from the outside winds
The coarse sand that scratches her soul
I save her. I take all the blows.
Sometimes she knocks and tries to break me.
Other times the winds just go crazy.
To let her out, to let her breathe in the open air.
But little does she know how hard it is to survive.
How much hurt is beyond my boundaries.
So I let her scream. I let her shout.
I dont budge, I dont give her a way out.
Her soul has to be saved.
I was built to protect. I was built to keep her tucked away.
But she’s too naive. She’s too small.
To be alone out there.
Past the wall is just you.
My little prisoner. I will save you.

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