A kind of support through tough times

Music is a harbour where stranded ships go

When life seems hard and cruel

music makes us love what we loath.

It has charms to soothe

and does not allow a person to brood.

Giving rest to our poor nerves

as a type of meditations, it serves!

It gives us hope and strength

to face another day at lenth.

Music gives hope during rough days

provides us solutions in a hundred ways.

Music has notes all high and low

sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Life has nothing but the same

filled with stories which are so lame.

Music makes us laugh and it makes us cry

keeps our emotions on the brim and high.

It makes us sing and dance

in a cheerful and ecstatic trance.

It keeps us from going mad

stops us from going bad !

Lifts our spirits up and above

makes dampness to lose and bow !

makes us feel all mighty and tall

a true blessing it is

a source of joy in our pathetic lives !


shifa naseer

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