His Mother …

She watched silently as he was taken

grieving but never uttering a cry!

She wanted to hug him

to hold him close.

She wanted him to come back

and called out a million times

but each time there was silence

growing with every moment

She hated to see him go!

but she couldn’t do anything

and it upset her even more!

She cried and cried and cried!

To whom could she tell her sorrow?

She had no one to talk to!

As they were taking him away,

her eyes, which had faded now

looked around desperately for help

all looked down and disappointed, she did too!

slowly, she walked away

shocked that her son’s life had turned out this way

Dreams of her son

seemed left undone!

Oh!Β  How could she bear this loss!

As she saw her dead son on the cross!!!!

shifa naseer

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