Chilled To The Bones

Surrounded by hounds all over
Pushing the boundaries inner and closer
My breathing  difficult while I watched their movements
They seemed to scrutinize me
Holding me prisoner under their deathly red eyes
My breath cold and my heart numb
While it sensed the inevitable end
My hands were trembling as I held the fence
As they watched me taking small steps away from them
My one and their two
We played this death game for a long time
I know they were toying with me
Knowing I was trapped in their pursue
I was about to become a prey
I felt the chill in the air seep through my skin into my bones.
My life flashed through me and a moan escaped my lips
I remembered all I ever did
And stuff which I never will do
I bent my head and sank to the ground
Looking at the fence that kept them at bay
I kicked it down and let them free
But they stayed put, surprising me
I was confused as they didnt move.
My heart jumpstarted again as I hoped
That maybe, maybe I will be saved
But they never moved and neither did I
Without a barrier in between which would’ve been safe
I waited for them to decide my fate
I was chilled to the bones
While I sat there on the cold hard stones!

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