Its Not Easy Being Me

I am weary of you, I am tired too

Something with time, a tiff maybe?

Its negligible in your eyes

But I see the smoke, I feel the burns

I take the hits, and I pass the storm


Its a hut, of memories, stashed together

But I live here, revisiting them, memorising them

A blueprint in my mind

A gentle caress against the brutal waiting

Its not easy being me, I say it now

I do not know my limits and yet I never break.


You Live This Life 

On your own, you deal with the smiles 

And you shed your tears

No one sees, no one cares. 

Content in your loneliness 

Define your own way 

You are on your own 

You live this life 

So be the centre of it too! 


Slowing down in the race


Running too long, have come too far

One way ahead, the eternal bed

At the top of my head, I will engrave my epitaph

It will read

“I was life bound, but now I am at peace”