Gone with the wind is the cry of my soul

the sound of which the wind stole

Gone withe the time are the happy days

with me caught in the troubled maze

Gone are the voices which rejoice

leaving an emptiness behind

and a mess for me to unwind

Gone is the love of a dear

leaving traces of that forgotten bliss

Gone is what was before

fading in the smoke of time

Never will it be the same again

everything out of reach !

Gone is the echo of what I lost

never to be heard

never to be remembered

Gone is the pull towards hope

never to be felt

never to be persued !

Gone are the memorable and lively days

never to hearten

never to return !

I too will be gone

lest I stray long

with memories to which I bid farewell

as they are forbidden to dwell

Gone will be my soul

before you realise

I will be at peace and past

will be the inner turmoil

tamed at last !


shifa naseer

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