It Comes And Goes

Birthday is like a stomach ache

It comes and goes, in little pangs

It turns sour the day before, the sun sets too low

Bed seems more inviting, and people seem like dream devils

Chasing you with false smiles, down the dark corridors of the aging line

Reminding of the life passing by, celebrating death, one day at a time

When its about to come, euphoria rises

And its 12, and past 12 and you feel nothing

You sink, deep down into you

Hoping the day would pass soon

It comes and goes every year, it’s the same story, the same post

Going over and over, feeling the pangs, feeling the life force in you

It’s tiring, its birthday, celebrate your mother’s pain

Your journey ending, your soul fading.

So let’s celebrate death today, for its constant

Life is nothing but a fuss.

Loss Is Your Second Name

Not trying to be mean, or ungrateful

But know this, that every year the day comes 

I feel special, as I believe its my day and yet 

The air is always bittersweet 

It has always been

That another year has passed, another moment lost

That I have to fight, fight, and fight 

Against all odds, for I don’t have you to cushion my fall

Every year, the day of happiness brings me sorrow 

I don’t mean to be ungrateful but it’s moments like these 

That I know, that I don’t run away from 

That I miss you to the core of my being 

Your voice, your smile, your style of writing. 

My name, calling me out even in darkest of times. 

It’s my birthday coming dad, and I miss you. And yet again I have to make peace with the fact that another year of struggle lies ahead and with your seat empty, it won’t be easy. 

A battle with my head, smiles wiping away the pain,

And now I know that loss is your second name.  

You’re All I Know 

Death will come to all, one day

But till then, if I may, would you kindly by my side, stay?

You are what I know, love is what I know

I stand on the pedestal, a little too high 

But please join me, would don’t you?

I am at peace when it’s just us 

See hope, where I used to see dust 

It’s not me, it’s you. 

All you. The aura of my being, the kindness in me 

Hope is what you give, one step at a time

Don’t you get it, I need you by my side 

A little high up the pedestal, away from prying eyes

Joyful ride, long smiles, popcorn, and fries 

That’s what I know, you’re all I know. 


We fall in love too fast, it seems

One breath in, one look and there you fall

Down into the deep forest of desire, you soar into the open skies of wonder

Each moment lovely, each day priceless

So precious, we run it through our minds, smiling, before falling again in our dreams

It’s too easy, it’s being part of the very air we share, the wind

As tranquil as the water

And yet, when the other leaves, we turns into me

When the heart breaks into a silent scream

Then the hours stretch on, the valley of love is a desert of thorns

Sleep finds us not, nightmares crawl in from cracks

Memories turn to pain, love turns to shame

Poison, I bite into every single day

In the hope of a certain death which awaits

Forgetting isn’t easy, it’s the paint peeling off the wall.

Its the pain that everybody feels, its the sorrow that nobody can share

We all know how it is, its the story of life.


Today,  it’s death

It morose, it’s a tightly knit web

It’s dingy, it’s you. 

It’s stuck, it’s hopeless, it’s too dark to follow 

Hooded, hidden, hung stands freedom 

When I left the alley I had always known

It was faith that drove me on. 

Nothing too simple, you called, I came. 

So it was death, today.
Come tomorrow, it would fade 

Like an old painted, once made with care but is tarnished by time 

Time, what a loop, what a path 

Death will long be gone, sharing the train with freedom 

What doesn’t go away is the dark, dingy floor 

With my cheek pressed to it, a reflection of my eye, in the pool of blood dripping from one side. 

What a picture, what splash of colours 

It’s death yet again, tomorrow

Face to face, no freedom, no hope

But loss. 

Silence of the Storm 

It’s a darkness, it’s all dim

Last time now, I see another vision 

Of the past in my lost thought 

Offering the rage, the screams of the silence 

Of the storm 

Raging ahead, like a monster, ready to engulf 

Around me, over me, beyond me 

Ripping apart the vision, the silence 

Pacing away the look, scared in the sea of stars 

My head is lost, my heart is dust 

Vile taste in my mouth, like metal 

My eyes lost, my soul damp

The silence is loud, it is profound 

It’s frightening, its painful 

It’s the silence of the storm.