I will never say goodbye

I will never say no to you

Never hold out on you

All I ask in return is you remember me

Long after I am gone, I want to live in your memories

I will never say goodbye, never set the sun on our days in the summer

Of life in sway, of love in bloom

Never will I ever forget to tell you so

But you must not cry, or despair for I

Am just a thought away in your head

I will never say goodbye, never end the chapter called ‘You and I’

Our story is of love, one which is hard to come by

If need be, will I pause the lines and let the unspoken words be

So our ending would never come to pass

And you shall be with me at last

I will never say goodbye to you, a promise I once made in old days

When you were young and I was gay.

Bysa Papa

You were priceless, a gem one would be lost without

A harbour to lost ships, you showed everyone the way

But now, its all haywire, its all lost

We feel lonely, like the whistling of the wind

We float adrift, along the endless ocean of life

Till death did us part, till death we shall meet again

I miss you every day, miss your council every day

Days are empty, our home feels nothing like home

You were the roof over our head, the lullaby to our sleep

Its been ages since we slept, its been ages since we saw your smiling face

Pictures tease us, remind us of a time lost to life

Past which was beautiful, a future which is sad.

Past and Present

You won’t like what you see when you see me

It won’t be what you thought it would be

Someone in the mind, an image drawn to detail

And yet when reality catches up to us, our dreams are bound to fail

You will not find me pretty, like I used to be

There are scars deep, if not on my face

But visible through the veil

Some I earned, some were gifts

But they are all mine, if you would like to count and sit

Catch up for days are gone that were good to you and I

Now its a ragged, dirty canvas

With no silhouette as pretty as what once was

However, if you would peer inside

You would find me as you left me

Not a hair out of place, not a dime touched by the unfair waters of life

But you have no time to sit and chat,

You’ll just wave and pass by, like the cruel wind

All I will get is a whiff of your presence, a reminder of our times

Our lives as we lived it, every day, and yet now

Its a parallel line scheme, one I never learned at school and one I can never erase now.