Handing It Over

I took your anger, I took your resentment
I stayed quiet, let you have your way
You were cruel, you were brutal
A savage, a beast
You tore me by your words
I took it all with good grace
But today I hand it over to you
Your hate, your anger
Take back your words, take back your sorrow
I wont carry it for you
Go your own way
I am done with you, my patience ran thin
You handle yourself as I wont be insulted anymore
Go your own way
Farewell, you selfish creature.

Shifa Naseer

I See!

Hey you!
Yes, you! Dont look around. Yes, I am talking to you only. Look at me. I know you. I know what lies in your heart. I see you. I see everything you’ve been through. Dont you dare hide from me. It will be considered a lie as I know your deepest secrets. I know what lies in those eyes, what goes on in your mind. I see you. I do.
Let me show you what you are.
Confused. You are confused. You dont know whether you are happy or sad. You are a waste. You dont live. You exist. Shame on you! You waste your existence, your life.
You run after things to see if it will give you joy. When you get that thing, you fall into abyss instead of celebrating your victory. You feel at loss. Then you turn to pursuing something else. This cycle goes on forever. You do it without realising but I know. I see it all. I see you!
You learned to smile where expected. You learned to hear without listening. You learned to look without seeing. You learned to speak less and less. You keep to yourself. You hardly notice anyone. You do not do it on purpose but you ignore everyone. You have no interest i. Socialising. You gave it up long time ago.
Somewhere you feel you are incomplete but you are so lazy, you dont think about it. You let the world use you, pressurise you. You let them guide you. You go with the flow. You dont know it. But I do. I know it all.
I see it all.
I feel sorry for you. You have no soul. You have no feelings. You are dead inside. You are done with people and the world.
If you fade, its good for you. No one will miss you.
You ask me how I know it?
I just know as I see. I see into hearts. I see into souls.
I see.

Shifa Naseer

The Aura

Surrounded by the dark mist
Black and bold all around
With the greenish touch to the smog it brings
From dying hearts, it springs.
The aura.
Grabbing those who do not know
This shadow, this invisible foe
Gnawing at the souls, sucking life from the core.
Spreading wide, this mist, like tide
Leaving no place for the souls to hide
The feel, the setting gloom
Like death.
The mist, my home, my birth
I live in it, I breathe it in
I survive it, I die in it
I exist, I do not live
I smile, I do not reflect
Like monotonous.
The aura in my soul
The aura in my body
Seeping through.
Like a murder.

Shifa Naseer

Change Your Thinking!

Dear People Of Srinagar,
This is my message to all of you. I am very disgusted at your thinking, perspective and  outlook. I am sorry to say that your minds have taken a shortcut and are soooooooo narrow that even narrowness cannot define the intensity of the narrowness and shallowness of your minds. Let me give you a reality check : you are all a gossip. You people gossip and  backbite behind your own friends which is vety disgusting and insulting. You people walk around, head held high, and say that you have modernised. Physically? Yes. Mentally? No!!
Mentally, you all have degraded to such extent that I have no words to describe how much. I feel at a loss for words to describe your shallow minds.
As its said :

Brilliant people discuss ideas
Ordinary minds discuss events
And shallow minds discuss people.

I hate to say this about my own people but you have got to improve. If you see a girl talking to a boy, why do you immediately jump to the conclusion that she’s his girlfriend? I mean do you really not trust the girls at all? He could be her brother or cousin. Or just a friend. Why do you make your own opinions, spreads rumors and make the life of the girl a living hell?
I mean why? Why do you talk and discuss other people? Why cant you stick to your own business? Why do you pester the girl? If she just wants to be friends, why do you label her as a girlfriend? Why? Why?!?!?
I am disappointed at the way things are in srinagar. This kind of behaviour hurts everyone. Everyone.
Care about other people’s feelings too. Remember that they will get hurt if you talk about them and spread rumors. Dont make yourselves such people whom no one can trust. Dont do that. It will all come back to you. One day.
Please!!! Leave everyone alone!!!

Shifa Naseer