For One Day

The old wounds are new again

Fresh tears start to fall again

Pain that was suppressed has broken free again

Loss of what once was mine has taken hold of me again.


I shy away to tell

Stories of time gone by

Who would listen to them, I beg?

For everyone has their own load to shed.


Yet today, there is no energy left

To hold myself together. Let my walls crumble

As I break for just one day.


I try, try hard to be everywhere

At beck and call, at others mercy

Yes and yes to all

Spreading smiles? Not that important, no.

But somehow, in the crowd and yet alone

Always alone, when all are done taking from you

Always taking away, spirits of my spirit

So much for happiness.


With the wind in my hair and the silence of the drive

The curve of the road, the long stretch of concrete

The open sky, splashed with blue

Threatened by the glory of the setting sun

Turning the world red

A reminder of the death of the day

While the night crawls slowly up the sky.