I Feel You

You think no one is watching
When a tiny drop of tear escapes your eyes
You feel you are invisible, others oblivious to your pain
You stare, they do not even look
Disappointed, you lower your gaze
But do you ever see me
Watching you, watching as the traitor tears fall
From your eyes, making your cheeks wet
I feel the urge to wipe those tears for you
For I feel your anguish, I feel you!

Every day you sigh, every time you feel despair
I sigh too, I sigh in my helplessness
For your pain is no greater than my love
You do not know, you do not see
But I tell you this, I know how you feel
I feel your pulse, I feel the sadness
I run in your veins and I taste longing
Longing to be loved, to be cherished
I love you, I cherish you!
But you do not look, you do not feel
But I do, I look and I feel
I look out for you, I feel for you!

When they let you down and steal your peace
They instil you with sadness, they leave you hopeless
They feed on your soul, they exploit you
You feel alone, you don’t find your way
Lost as you are without an anchor
I hold you but you don’t see
I wish you could see how close I am to you
I feel your breath, I feel the warrior in you
I am who you want to be, I am you!
If only you could see, If only you knew
But I feel your withering spirit, I feel you!

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