First Fast Of 2014.

Its 3:39 am and the Muezzen has begun calling for Prayer (Azaan) signifying that our Fast ( Not eating or drinking anything from dawn to sunset) has begun.
I was up at 3 am to eat Sehri ( pre dawn breakfast) after which I can eat only after sunset.
This Month is the Holy Month Of Ramzan for Muslims. And I, being a Muslim myself, am up for my first Fast on The first day Of This Holy Month.
At the end of this month, we have our Eid Ul Fitr.

May we all be blessed this month and complete our month of fasting with sincerity and devotion.
Happy Ramzaan!

Back Home





The craziness and satisfaction one feels after coming home is too much to handle. My city has the best summer and I feel blessed to be back home even though I am leaving for college next week.
So I feel ecstatic as the wind was blowing around me and I was dancing in my garden!!


Personal Profits

Free birds fly through the sky, caged birds flee from the cages
All run to freedom, through the past ages
Holding the reins, the kings and their horsemen
Like lightening, galloping through lakes and ravines
To conquer, to quench their thirst for power
Standing tall and majestic, no falter in their steps, no waver in their resolve
The lion looking for flesh, his rule over forests
The fear in the heart of the deer, the fast rhythm as it runs to hide
The resistance of the tree with the ferocious wind
The fight between them to win over the other
The bend of the tree, trying to hold on the nests of the birds
The cruel whooshing of the wind, the pitiful wailing of the leaves
What the nature reveals, the surroundings reflect
People lying, cheating and being unfair
To loot, to satiate the lust for money
Personal gain being more important than other peoples’ pain
Losing their will, ruled by the greed
Just personal profits everywhere it seems.

One Day In Kolkata

Dear Readers,
I may have mentioned that I dont like travel and that travelling makes me nervous. Well, I didnt have a choice this time. I had to go on a college tour to kolkata. I didnt expect it to be that great but it actually is a very beautiful city if one looks past the crowded streets and roads.
One day in kolkata and I feel that I have seen something too good to describe. So I will post pictures which will speak for itself.
After my work in kolkata was done, I had the whole day at my disposal. The first thing I did was go to the Victoria Memorial there built in the honour of Queen Victoria. I had heard that it is worth going so i did.

And they were right. It is worth it.


This is one of the entrances. We entered through this side.


This is the main palace. Its as amazing on the inside as it is on the outside. We weren’t allowed cameras inside the palace so I don’t have any pictures of the breathtaking paintings and sculptures inside.


After the Memorial, we went to Barbecue Nation and had Barbecue for dinner.

We walked a lot in the city and the whole city looks like a movie set. The roads are so cute and clean.
Its really an amazing city. It was raining all the time we were there so I didnt see the sun in kolkata. But it rained a lot. Monsoons!

The Edge

Standing on the edge with the fear of falling.
One wrong step may set me back a long way.
The climb to reach the edge was tiring.
Now as I stand in front of what I can call my path, there is no road.
I cannot go on unless I can fly.
But I cannot fly.
I have no special powers to pass this edge on to the other side where my prize awaits me.
Looking longingly across the huge emptiness, I wait for some enlightenment under the blistering sun who was my constant companion.

Unknown Territories

Facing the new roads, the new signs
All the more new ways of life
I carry on, struggling in the blistering heat
Some tasks to complete, some goals to achieve
Self doubt is like a tree inside me
Flourishing and thriving on my insecurities
I bow my head and I weep
I do know the cause of my despair
But I choose not to let thoughts into words
Words into sentences that might ease me of my pain
I see my destiny, not far from where I stand
Yet there are so many gorges to cross, each will bring more pain and more loss
This time I stand alone with my inner Self
She’s as silent as the warm breeze that blows here
So its just me and my insecurities, shouting to be heard
To be rescued, to be what I always wanted to be.