A Visit to a Dentist

Even though I brush my teeth twice a day
Still my teeth have gone astray!
My teeth are not in the best of shape
But I am really afraid
Of the dentist’s chair
Which gives me a scary welcome
Shivers run down my back
As I sit on it slowly
Fear grips my chest just like a child’s.
My stomach is in knots but
I put on a brave front
I take a deep breath and look to my side
On the tray are many things
Pointed sharp and long
And I cower away from that side.
Above me the bulbs flicker and glow
Drowning me in its light
And rendering me unable to see
Finally the doctor comes in
He looks like a demon
Ready to put those sharp things into my mouth
My breathing quickens
I take a look at myself and close my eyes
And wait
To reveal my future planned by fate

6 thoughts on “A Visit to a Dentist

  1. Quite light hearted! Lucid flow of events. Use of present tense is interesting, considering the poem’s intent. Well placed words, choicest words imply a good sense of emotions.

    { I love telegraphic language 😀 }

    But, just a small, teensy weensy problem. Light poems like these with NOT an intent to make the reader enter the murkiest realms and contemplate on each and every word, Should be quite chirpy. The weary lines used twice or thrice could be re looked.

    See, such poems are usually made appealing to all ages, whether 10 or 60. It should sound as a ” mature ” rhyme, not distract the reader from enjoying the poem.

    My personal opinion has been that more than 4/5 words in one phrase makes it sound too odd.

    Like – ” Ready to put those sharp things into my mouth”

    This can be broken, I guess without disrupting the flow of the poem ?

    But, of course, it is the poet’s feelings penned down that matters!

    Well, I stop my ranting here!

    Good Job!


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