You Will Realise

Someday you will realise all the walks and the talks are gone
You will realise I am no longer by your side and that you are all alone
It will dawn on you what you did
You will realise that you let me go
Pushed me away, ignored me
You turned me down and turned away from me
That day you will remember my sad, abandoned face which you chose to ignore
You will be reminded of the sideway glances that I threw your way
In your life, you never let me have a say
You will realise that you ignored all my efforts to stay by your side
I tried and tried hard to make you aware
That I was sliding farther and farther away
I was getting lonelier and colder with you not caring and turning distant
And now that I am gone, how will you carry on?
You will miss me but I wont be there
I will have the satisfaction to see you fall
Fall from the greatest walls that you built for me
I will cheer as you hit the ground beneath
It will hurt me too but would I ever let you see?

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