Learning from a Lonely Road

I was walking along a road

people bustling past me

but I kept my pace low

thinking while walking

Where am I ?

All of a sudden I stop and look behind

shockingly the road behind me was empty

leaves, the only thing moving with the wind

gave me the creeps!

I looked up at the trees

they were whooshing due to the breeze

I looked forward again

but saw the stretched out lonely road

with trees on either side of it

I breathed and started walking again

I road never seemed to end

It went as far as I could see

not a bird in the sky to greet me

not a soul in sight !

Knowing that I was alone

I sighed and trudged on !

My feet making the only sound.

The wind was coming stronger now

maybe a storm was getting ready for me !

The lightening sounded

and everything became dark  and gloomy

that was when the first drop of rain hit my face !

So I started walking with haste !

Realizing that I am alone while the rain drenched me

I thought of the way I had come

All the gravel and the trees

It was wet and lonely, just like me !

Sighing I turned my back on it

and ran like never before

while the wind burned in my chest!

with no intention of stopping any sooner

and not knowing my own plan

I ran and ran and ran …


Shifa Naseer







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