Farewell To You

Turning the leaves on the ground
Wet and soggy, all the while they are brown
Once they were green
Waving and tossing their heads
With elegance and poise!
They greeted all those who passed their side
Welcomed all with arms open wide!
But yet they are forced to leave
Forced to bid farewell
With a strong gust of the wind
They give way and
Rolling and flowing fall on the wet surface
They never wished to leave
But still are forced to bid their adieu
With faces turning murky brown
There’s not much left for them to do
Only chanting “farewell to you!”

My life goes no farther than the leaves
I too do what they do!
I too make others feel joy!
As yet again like the leaves
It all comes to an end
Instead of me, others go their own ways
Bidding me farewell without hesitation
Still my heart refuses to say
That painful word “good bye”
I never wish to let others go
But we all are bound and so
I force myself to utter and stutter
All the while whispering to myself
“Farewell to you!”

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