Ignorant Fool

Its makes me laugh as they smirk
Proud and haughty,
They walk with noses in the sky
Feeling they own the world
Soaring into high clouds
Looking down upon me
An ignorant fool, with contempt
They snear at me and mock me
Yet I don’t retort back!
I am weak but just as strong
As I have my conscience with me
They sold theirs to make the ladder
They rode higher and higher
Never suspecting that they are going in reverse
And are definitely in for worse
I live on the surface
Knowing the path I have to follow
They call me ignorant yet are blind to their ugly fate
Which will slam their proud faces hard.
I know I am a fool
But a fool with a pure heart!
Who still cares for those in need
And is not yet blind with greed.
An ignorant fool I am
Honoured to be what I have been given.
A gift so rare
Leading to judgement which is only fair!
I face the scorn, redicule of those with noses in the sky
For being a fool
But it doesn’t bother me
A greater desire is in store for me
A day will come which I will cherish
When my world with fools will flourish
We dont need clever men here
All we need are wise fools
To heal the hearts torn by hate
To spread the joy offered by fate!

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