Starting from the horizon
Rises a streak of seven colours
Magical, like mixing with the water falling from the sky
Smudging around the edges
Like when a child spoils his art
I savour the scene, my eyes raise themselves up.
To take in the majestic curve
The royalty and the uniqueness of the Rainbow
As I trace the curve and my eyes reach the end
It falls into the horizon, the edges disappearing

Rain with its glory, shares its colours
And I, with my eyes, take the beauty it displays
In my heart, capturing the beautiful image
Never to forget, always to cherish
Be it in the bright sunshine or the damp rain
Over the clouds, it spreads its wings
With such poise and clarity that I stand staring at it in awe.


28th April,2014.

The formal initiation of the wedding preparations of my sister who is getting married on 18th May.

Kashmir is a place where culture is valued. Hence, we plan to follow the culture strictly.
This occasion is to mark the beginning of the wedding.
On this day, all of the relatives gather together to clean rice. Its a custom which symbolises that everyone will play a part in the wedding preparations.
I really wanted to feature it here for my wordpress family.
So I uploaded a few pics from that day.


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27th April, 2014.

Happy Birthday Sanna Nazir!!!
This year is very very special for both of us. We are both going to college this year. Hopefully, you will get the college you want for yourself.
Happy birthday! You are my oldest, closest and bestest friend.
You are Most cherished, most valued in my eyes.
I am not really a good friend but I try to be for your sake because you always proved to be my friend in every curve of life.
We spent 16 years of our lives together. And even when there were 1000 kms between us, we still stayed the same.
Now people might think we are more than friends. Yes! Its true! We are more like sisters!
We are the complete opposites yet so similar.
We compliment each other.
Every day is special when I am with you, Sanna! Though you made new friends these years but you never forgot me and for that I am thankful.
I thank God for giving me such a valuable friend for life.
May He grant all your wishes even those that seem impossible right now.
I love you!


Paper Boats

I saw the raindrops on my window glass
One following the other in a rampant race to win the end
I laughed as I looked and as I looked I had a thought
I turned around and grabbed my notebook
Tore few pages from it and ran out
Put the pages in front of my mom
I made a puppyface and asked her for help
Together we made the paper boats and I clapped my hands in glee
I gathered them in my arms and ran out
Looked at the pathway and spotted a big puddle of rainwater
Laughing I lowered them down
As they floated and clashed together
Looking up at the sky, I closed my eyes
Smiled as the raindrops teased my cheeks
Ran down my neck and made me tickle.
I rejoiced in the rain with my paper boats
So small their size; so huge they made me smile


Trust Is Money

While thinking about friendship and socialising these days, I made a very interesting revelation.

Let me explain it through a situation pertaining to a Stock Market.
You are the manager and a customer comes to you with his money to invest in your firm. You are all pleasantness and charming that the customer believes your honesty. You make sure he believes you as he doesnt know you. You represent yourself in a very convincing manner that he trusts you with his money blindly.
He makes his deposit.

All is well until you lose. You lose all the money in the firm. It doesnt matter if it was your fault or not. What matters is that you lost your customer’s money.
Will he come to you with his money for investment again?
He gave you his money for investment. You were supposed to take care of his investment and make it profitable. But you betrayed him and you were the reason he lost it all.

The same is the case with friends. You meet a person and you both get talking. You like each other’s company and eventually you become fast friends. The trust you earned from your friend for the first time was freely given to you as a gift.
But you broke your friend’s trust in some way. You deeply hurt your friend.
Do you really believe that your friend will trust you again? Even if your friend is very generous and forgave you, things wont go back to how they were in the beginning.
The trust you earned the first time was gratitous. It was a gift from your friend to you. But you broke the trust.
Either you may earn your friend’s trust again by making up for it or you may lose a friend forever.

So thats what made me think that trust is money. No one gives money for safekeeping to a thug the second time around. Same applies for people. No one will trust you again if you break their trust the first time.

Its a thought I had and I had to share it here.


Dear Readers,
I changed the theme of my blog as I believe change is a must.
I hope you liked the change.
If you see to the extreme top right corner of my blog, there is a black pop up menu. This menu has the whole list of my poems alphabetically arranged.
Prior to this theme, the pages were lined vertically from the left of the blog.
Keep peace! ( if you can ever find it)