Pushing To The Extreme

You test my patience, you demand so much
You say that you care, yet you hurt like no other
You push me over the edge
Drive me insane from your crazy ways
You are rude and you are blunt
No matter how much I try to keep my cool
You barge in and shatter everything
Your words are crude, like broken shards of a glass
I tread on them,
They sting and they hurt
You push me to extremes
You test me now and again
I will break and let go
Your distress will know no end
When you wont find me there
You will suffer as I disappear
Then cry all you like, plead for me
I wont look back, wont consider your plea
I will do all and I will do it more
I will run away, I will dive off the edge
Out of reach, away from you.

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