It Will Never Be Okay

You ask me to stay calm
You plead me to hold on!
You clutch my hand time and again
Just to stop me from trembling but in vain
You whisper words of courage
You wish to hold me up and high
Stay by my side through it all
You want to make it easier
Just to create a bit of breathing space
You wipe the pirspiration off my face
Wish to take the pain away
You say that it will all be ok!

I know it wont
I am sure it will stay
Stay to turn my skin into blisters
Bursting them one by one
All I can do is bear
I try to scream but it is no use
My pain does not give me strength
It makes me vulnerable and weak
The pain forms a cycle around me
Starting to hurt and reaching the climax
My body feels nothing
Only my hearts throbs and goes on
I know the pain is a part of me
It wont let go and neither will I
There’s no liberation from the ordeal
There is nothing that I can feel
You say that it will all go away
But I know that it will never ever be okay.

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