Slipping From My Hands

Trying to hold on
But not knowing what to hold on to
My minds struggles as I feel the end
My heart wails as I don’t wish to go
They are forcing me to leave
A mutiny done by fate
I am standing alone and helpless
As I plea to spare me
I want to live my life till the end
Wish to grow old, see my whole life as it unwinds
I want to have that satisfaction
I don’t want to die young
I want to see this year’s summer
As I never really appreciated the bright green
I long for those cold winter nights
Pure snow all around spreading the white
I want to see it all
To capture it in my heart
Who knows if I will see it all again!
See the sun rising, see it go down
Watch with wonder as the moon resurfaces with poise
My life is slipping from my hands
Like water in a bowl with a hole
Its killing me, my journey is ending!
The strands are breaking, my faith is shaking
I will never see it again
The beauty of creation
Its all slipping, fading
While I watch with helpless feeling!

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