Nightmarish Quality Of Life

What is a peaceful sleep, I ask you one day, you smile and tell me that is something I can never have.

How do you smile so wide without hurting your cheeks, I ask you another day, you smile wider, your teeth visible and show me what I can never do.

Why is it that every day in the morning you have a face which is shining, welcoming and not tired, you laugh at me and tell me that you sleep peacefully

But then that is what you told me I can never have.


Why is there a “you”? I dont like the “you” in there. Might as well ignore it. I have a better smile.

18th April was my birthday. It was a good day made special by people who care. I dont really know why I wrote that. I just did.

I am confused. Going through a dry phase maybe, or that its just been some hectic months.