No One To Cry On My Grave

As I saw my lifeless form
Strewn across the floor
A symbol of my life
Scattered fragments by the bucket load
I see them staring at my form
I see them shouting and weeping
I hear their laments and cries
But I stand there among them
Unheard and unseen
Like I was before I passed on
I knew this pain of missing me was temporary
It will fade with time.
As my body was united with its resting place
Intermingling with the moist soil
The drizzle making all soggy
But I dont feel its wetness
Dont feel the cold
I know as the time will pass
They will forget me
There wont be anyone who will know me
My memories will all die
Wash away like falling waterfall
Crashing into the pool below
And merging and disappearing
Not one tear will be shed for me
No one will come to meet me
I know they will let me be
Like they did when I was alive
I was lonely and I am alone
I wouldn’t mind a little bit of affection which I still crave
But there will be no one to cry on my grave!

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