How Far Can I Go?

I intended to deshape, to destroy, spin your life out of control
Never did I imagine that you wont raise a single protest
Not a moan will escape your lips
Not once will you complain
I planned to destroy your reasoning, your mental balance, your emotional range
You were supposed to break
Into a thousand pieces and
Each piece was supposed to turn
To dust and washed away with the tide
But yet here you are, like statue, like stone
I watch you with curiosity as moss gathers at your feet
You refuse to let go, I refuse to back off
How can I hurt you now when
I know that I am the one who gives you life?
How far can I go to destroy your will, your love for me?
I have ways to destroy your source of eternal bliss
Now you know how far I can go?
I can go far. Way too far.
Too far that not even my name shall remain.
My destruction will lead to your end.
And you will perish and you will cry.
I will not look but I will rejoice.

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