Dance Of Truth

Running around like a helpless soul
He appeared to dance but he alone knew the turbulence
The turmoil he felt, the truth he faced
His dance seemed sensual to their eyes
They detested and rediculed
Oh but how he raged on and on and on
Running in circles, fighting his desires
His path seemed dim, the going rough
Facing their scorn, as he danced for the beloved
His beloved. His truth
Wait for the mirage, the veil
To lift, to reveal
His ecstacy would know no bounds
The pure love for insanity
The truth of his eccentricity
His walls would shatter and he would flee
To his kingdom of dreams
Where his soul would forever dance
On the rhythm of his beating heart
Faster and faster he would go
Deeper and deeper would the melody flow
Sinister would it be to cross his path
For he would’ve joined his love
Entwined by fate and as he would face
Look at his destiny in the eye
The moment of truth
The moment of perfect bliss
A tranquility so pure that the world would freeze
And so would he cease to be.

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