The World of Wars!

A place with lots of scars
Is called the world of wars.
Thank God, I am.away from it
As I hate it’s every bit!
I live in a place so far
Away from the world of wars.
Thankfully, I am away from this mess
As I wont be able to stand the stress
People dying every other day
Ghosts of the past and present haunting our way.
Ground littered from the bodies of our brothers!
Oh God! I can hear the cries of their mothers.
Dying is the innocence of today
No one will be spared as they say.
Will our world survive this blow
As the weapons they have are not so slow.
I will pray for this world of war
From which I am no longer far.
I will die someday
But be it peacefully, if they may
They control the world but not our might.
Our faith is all we need
With our hopes we will succeed.
Then they will cry while we rejoice.
They will be speechless when we will gain our voice
Then there won’t be any world of wars
People will again be happy and free of scars!

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