Burning Desire

I am bound held steady
As bound as my soul in my body
Cannot set free, cannot leave
To reach out to what I desire
My rage knows no boundaries
It goes on and on inside of me
The rage to possess, to conquer
It may even destroy me in its wake
But I dont cringe away from it
I embrace it and feed it my soul
Burning desire, roaring fire
Threatening to break loose
I want what I cannot have
I need to fight to make it mine
As yet the burning is still strong
As long as possible, I will hold on
Dream the banned dream
Wish the forbidden stream
Using the power of rage in me
My passion, my burning desire
Swallowing it all in its gleaming fire
I will take what I want
Even if it costs me my soul
Will give away all I can
To fulfill my never ending greed
My burning desire, roaring fire
Smothering me in its lap

10 thoughts on “Burning Desire

      1. It is beautiful as I’ve said. Passion is an abyss with can seem delightful to fall into freely until you realize you are falling with no end!


      2. Is there such a thing as “controlled passion” do you think? And now I’m curious, why do you say that passion doesn’t end well?

      3. Well I certainly agree that being obsessed with something or someone is not healthy. Yet so many get entangled in that very web.

        So, do you recommend an “arms-distance” approach to things in life? Can that help us to avoid passion obsessed behavior?

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