The Other Side Of The Coin

You say that you know it
You are smug about it all
Confidence on yourself on the high
Yet you dont know that you still are blind
Oblivious to life’s mysteries
You say that you know
But what really and by how much
You see the tears
Yet you dont feel the pain they carry
You hear the laugh
But you fail to acknowledge the sad tone to it
You see them move
Yet you fail to see their defeated
You see the night and praise the stars
Yet you fail to sense the deathly silence and gloom
You see the beauty as a mirage
Yet you dont see the scars

Such confidence you have
You are sure of the gold of the autumn
But you dont notice the hint of severity it invites
You appreciate all the wrong things
You are blind to the sufferings
You feel they pretend
You believe they lie
You look down on them
Who care and sympathise.
But I am sorry to say that you dont know
What it really is
Oblivious to the hurricane of emotions
The tempest of hardships.
You dont see what is clear
Laid out in plain design
A different view of life
The other side of the coin.

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