Why Dont You?

You say that you care, if you do then show it!
Why dont you?

You say that you are there for me
If you are, then assure me!
Why dont you?

You say that you love me
If you do, then express it!
Why dont you?

You say you are my friend
If you are, then act like one
Why dont you?

You say that you wont let me go
If you wont, then stop me!
Why dont you?

You say you value me
If you do, then prove it!
Why dont you?

You say I am not alone
If I still feel so then make me feel otherwise
Why dont you?

You say I should trust you
If you are confident enough then make me!
Why dont you?

But I say I have never felt more lonely
I say that I have never felt more cold
I say that I have never felt so exposed
I say make me feel warm
I say make me feel loved
I say make me feel wanted
I say make me feel whole
Why dont you?

Shifa Naseer

Words V/s Beauty

You said I won
Your words are mere words
Beauty is precious
But words give it shape
I decline the victory
Unless I earn it fairly
So what say you,
Will you fight fair ?

words get beauty
by putting you in place
the beauty in place

Words make beauty
Something we call purity
Why you favour beauty ?
When you have words to relish
To devour

words does the virtual bliss
beauty gives the eternal pleasure
words are a myth
beauty is real
the real is beauty

Words are real
Beauty is not
Words are firm
Beauty is not
Words are our own
Beauty is not

Beauty is yours
words are mine
I wrote in paper
you wrote in you
you wrote in living being
beauty is living
you are living

I am living but I dont have a life
I seem alive but worse than the dead
What use is beauty if theres no peace?
What use is beauty if there is no truth beneath?

Beauty gets life while you walk
My words get life while someone talk
Let the words put there in corner
Will cherish the beauty!!

The corners are secretive
The beauty, a threat
We are all here in this life
Weak, oppressed by fate
Beauty will fall
It will decay

Cherish before it perish
Take it in hand as it so kind
Come and say near
if words are higher
than you beauty
come close and hold
hand in hand say if words are true?

I look you in the eye
I say
Words are mighty
Words ring true
Through the ages
Through centuries

Your eyes are beautiful
the way you look
speaks a thousand secrets
the hand you hold plays
a thousand songs
makes me to utter a thousand words
the beauty in your lips says a silent song
my words are falling as I dont know
what i speak, what i pass to you

Words describe eyes
These eyes are voids, they are vacant
The way i look speaks of my defeats
My loss
I utter a few words
For I am afraid to say
For wind might carry my words away

beauty doesnt need a word
to describe, to praise
come close i show you the beauty
that is hidden within you

There is no beauty
There is no praise
No shine, no gleam
Everything is dead
Like the autumn leaves

is it you?
you, the beauty speak to me?
ok let us run the game at night
in the darkness of bliss
believe it you will feel it 

The cells are dead
They do not feel
They do not know
They do not believe
For all they saw was treachery

feel is not with cells
feel with eternal bliss
being united
dead or alive
be united feel happy
feel beauty of being naughty

Be good
Be strong
Words will give courage
They will make you stand


This is the result of a small game played by me and a fellow blogger …Martian Poet

I won! ;P

Why wait?

Keep waiting till eyes start to droop
Keep staring till the light goes dim
Keep holding the lamp till oil runs out
Do it again and again
Keep waiting for you are silly
A fool you are!
You believe what they say
You trust them in every way
They let you down
Always and always!
Yet you wait
And keep waiting
You hope
And keep hoping
You bow everytime
You dont hold your ground
You are pathetic and you know it
Yet you wait and say
“Once a friend, always a friend”.
Why be the bait
When you can escape
Why you choose pain to gain?
Be a little selfish
Help yourself on
Beat them all
By not waiting and not going along

Rejoice In Your Sorrows

Smile through pain, laugh while you still can
Push your limits
Go far
Go beyond
See the world in a different light
As you endure, as you give up each delight
Pass each moment with a grace
Defy sadness by breaking the chain
Smile till your facial muscles hurt
Be ruthless, no mercy for your soul
Cry rivers but never show
Just smile and stay low
Hope to hold on
Believe to stay strong
Rejoice in your pain
Celebrate the madness
For you can pull it off
If you hold the torch of happiness aloft.

Painted Faces

You show your teeth as you shout!
You all laugh and so loud!
My ears hurt and my eyes sting
For looking at your fake smile
Hearing the laugh which sounds unreal
Laugh if you may
But I know
Your painted faces
Faces so fake
Faces deceiving
Revealing the dark side
Unreal smile, unwilling sounds
Smiling through one’s malice
Your painted faces shine bright
So many lies
Such devilish grins
Mouths Laugh
Vocals Shout
Lips Smile
Voices sing
You reverberate your voices and let them ring
I wish the rain would pour
And wash down your ugly faces
Let it trickle, let it slide
Just stop trying to hide
Faces dark, faces bright
Faces clear, faces showing traces of fright
Painted faces, fake faces
Root of Deception and coated lies!


I Pray

Never to lose the way I did, I pray
Never to bow the way I was forced to, I pray
Never to witness the cruelty, I pray
Never to give up or desert, I pray
Never to cry or complain but endure with a smile, I pray
Never to fall, to give vent to pain, I pray
Never to lose hope, never to lose faith, I pray

To hold my ground
To face the storm
To be firm in my endeavours
To believe in hopeless times
I pray to upload my honour
To preserve the sanctity of my dreams
To never let me down
To find the courage to fight against all
I pray to find even against the odds


I am scared as I look around
There’s no one here but you, Mom
I turn my gaze to you for a sign
Thats everything’s going to be jolly and fine
You assure me with a smile
That lit the whole world
And my heartbeat slowed down
I was calm and then I knew
No matter what I go through
I never want to lose you, Mom
You are everything
You are the only anchor I have
I hope I hold on to you for eternity
For you are my Mom
The one I can count on

Not There By Your Side

Little baby, why do you cry
I am not there by your side!
I know you feel afraid
For they conspire against you
But your soul is still your own
Your demons are here to hear your moans
But dont let them rule you
Thwart them, defeat them
Let your wings free and fly away
No one will stop you, you can have your way
So bathe in the sunlight
Dance in the moonlight
Let your fears hide away
Tuck them safely out of reach
Enjoy the light, the brilliance of it
See the shine, so pure and divine
Forget the worries, let time do the work
All you do is hold your head high
And rejoice in the light
For sun and the moon are for you
Even if I am not by your side.


Stay for you have my heart
Stay for we promised to never be apart
Stay for you rule my soul
Stay! Without you I cannot be whole
Stay for you are my joy
Stay for I am your tears
Stay for I will heal your wounds
Stay for you will fill my emptiness
Stay for our fate is entwined
Stay for we are meant to be
Stay for life is short to waste it on faults
Stay to fight with me, play with me
Stay to laugh with me, cry with me
Stay for you are a part of me
Stay as you and I are meant to be.

I Cant Turn Back

One step ahead of me, you stand
Carrying what I wish, what I want
I cant take that step
Its too hard
To raise my foot, to stamp it
To put it forward, move towards you
You take more steps, farther away now
I stand, looking helpless
For I can never hope to catch up
I stand still, the weight on my heart
I wave at you to stop, to wait for me
Yet you move on, not looking at me
I burn inside, I want you here
I plead, I beg but you go on.

Turning around, I walk away
Towards the other end, away from you
Nothing will pull me around
I wont call me back
I am on a course to save my fragile heart
I cant turn back now
I retrace my steps
I take my words back
I pushed all memories aside
As I move on forward
You wont see me as I wont see you again
Never will I do this, never will I forget
Never will I let you rule me, never will I submit


When we fall, we get hurt

Our heart is broken, our hopes shattered

They say to move on

But move on where?

They say be strong

But for how long?

They say to count your blessings

But there arent that many!

How do we live again?

No one to teach

All they do is preach

How am I supposed to stand on my feet

When there is no ground beneath?



I feel

An urge 

To run

To leave 

Turn around

Let go 

Breathe in

Fight back

Give up

And rush 

Hide away 

Till I decay

Never return

Die alone

Face solitude

Hate people

Hurt more

Live less

Stare long 

See nothing

Feel nothing

Hide away 

A sanctuary 

All alone

My echoes

All I know

Thats all what flows

In me 

Around me

A rush 

To survive 

To let go

To live 

Once again

For myself

Be a little selfish

Enough to leave 

To perish 

Burn my soul

Till I find again 

Like molten metal 

A new heart.

My Letter To You

Last fall, you left home

I couldnt help but wave in farewell

As your car turned down the road

You didnt see that I stood there till the dust settled

I hoped you would return home, to me

But you didnt even look back

Now as I sit here, trying to reply to your letter

I think of nothing but your departure

The pain I felt the day you left

The pen was in my hand

I felt the urge to write, to complain

To accuse, to demand!

All I could do was sign my name

I sealed the letter shut

For I had nothing to say



Anamorphic 3D Pencil Drawings by Fredo




Fredo (real name Wladimir Inostroza ) is an incredible artist and illustrator from Santiago, Chile. The Sifter previously featured Fredo’s 3D anamorphic drawings back in 2010 but below you will find an updated gallery of his more recent artworks. Fredo’s drawings are anamorphic because they have to be viewed at a specific angle to achieve the 3D effect. If you were to view his work from an alternate angle, elements would appear elongated and distorted.

In an interview with My Modern Met, Fredo says he’s been drawing his entire life, but got more serious about it in 2005 when he was a young teenager. He lists Beksinski, Arcimboldo, Rembrandt, Alex Grey, and M.C. Escher as artists that inspire him.

Fredo has an impressive following online, be sure to keep up with the latest at the links below.




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The Child Who Could Not See

On the bench, in the park, I sat next to a child who was looking over the lake nearby. He was not wearing sunglasses and I was amazed that he was facing the sun without squinting his eyes. He had a water bottle in his hand on which there was a picture of “spongebob squarepants”. I smiled at him but he took no notice. I was exhausted from my run and was panting hard. At first I didnt think he noticed me, but then he passed his water bottle to me. I smiled at him gratefully and took a sip.

I handed him back his water bottle. I sat straight and looked forward like him. I couldnt help but squint my eyes from the sun. I looked at him and he seemed perfectly alright looking in the direction of the morning sun!

I was surprised. I asked him how he could do that. He smiled. I couldnt make out the meaning of that smile. It seemed amusing and sorrowful at the same time. I waited for him to reply. 

Quite some time passed and I looked at my watch. I still had some time at my disposal before heading home.

Just then he cleared his throat and without looking away from the sun, he asked me to look.

I said where.

He said just look.

I again said where!

He smiled and drew a breath.

Look around you, what do you see?

Do you see the fresh, green grass? Greener than the green!

 When I asked you to look

Did you look at the sky or did you look at me?

Did you look at the lake you see or did you turn your face to the sun?

When I asked you to look

Did you see the pretty colorful flowers and the bees around them?

Did you look for the birds in the trees singing the songs of spring?

If you didnt look, look again!

I bet you wont be able to turn your gaze!

Thats when I looked and thats when I saw

I opened my mind’s eye and looked

Nothing was out of place, nothing had a flaw

I was awed as I looked!

I looked and I couldnt look away!

I smiled and he smiled with me

Together we sat on the bench, in the park


After some time, a girl around my age came to our bench. She smiled at me and took the child’s hand who had shown me what I had been missing! She guided him towards the exit of the park. I couldnt help but notice that the girl was guiding and helping the child to walk. It was almost as if … as if the child was … 

NO! It couldnt be! As the realisation dawned on me. I felt ashamed that a person who couldnt see, knew so much about beauty and color and purity. While I, who never even bothered, was blind to all of that!


I bowed my head and I felt sorry that I didnt have the sight!

For he saw all that even though he was blind 

While I sat here with my visionless eyes!

Wish I Could Say

I wish I could use the words 

The words which are held inside

I wish I could say what I feel

What I have, what I believe

All that I wanted to say

Stays inside

The multitude of emotions

The solidarity of my silence 

A piercing, lasting one

My eyes trying to convey

All that I ever wanted to say 

I wish I could overcome my stammer

Just get it out in to the open 

Let my feelings flow, let nothing come in my way 

If I loved, I wish I could say it 

If I cared, I wish I could show it

Deny myself what I am

Just be what I wanted to be for one night

I wish I could say it all

That is hidden inside me

Beneath the layers of lies

Defying everything that I ever stood for.

School Song

Under the standard of our school

glory honor reign

guiding the steps in the path of truth

teaching play the game

whate’er we do must be our best

victory our aim

planting the seeds of faith and good deeds of

presentation convent fame

alma mater let the flag unfurl

stand brave, stand true

under the green and gold

proudly through life we shall go forth

honors shield we’ll bear

firm as the cross our hearts shall be

faith the crown we wear

beauty and truth shall be our stars

jewels, radiant rare

alma mater let the flag unfurl

stand brave stand true

under the green and gold

Our school song is our inspiration through life. It is a guideline for us to follow throughout our life, carrying the legacy of Nano Nagle.

The song starts with a reminder that as we stand, carrying the name of our school, our glory, our honor reigns and controls our lives. The honor and glory of being true to oneself, of having faith in the Almighty. It rules our lives. The honor and glory guides us through the various difficulties that we face in our lives. It teaches us how to master the different ways of life. Our school song inspires us to be the best in all the endeavors we uptake, to reach our goals, to achieve success with dignity and poise. It teaches us that victory is never far from us. All we got to do is reach out and take it. Our school song urges us to nurture and preserve all that we learn in this school and to thrive on it in the years to come just like we plant a seed of a tree, It grows for years and then gives lifelong fruits as a proof of our initial efforts and hardwork. It forms the building blocks for others to benifit from as well.

Our school song emphasizes on the phrase “alma mater”.  What does this really mean? It means a school from where one has graduated.

The song, then urges us to sing to our alma mater and unfurl our school flag with pride and respect in our hearts.

Our school encourages us to move forward in our lives with pride and  heads held high. It reminds us that we have a shield with us, a shield of honor to protect us in our lives. It tells us that our faith should be as strong as The Cross and that we must carry our faith in our hearts and prize it most for it is our jewel, it is our crown. The truth is our beauty, our jewels which are so rare.

The Song again urges us to sing to our alma mater and unfurl our school flag with pride and respect in our hearts.


Some days I worry less, but still gather strength 

Many days, there’s the same old routine; mundane

Other days I gather the wrinkled leaves

Bundle them up and burn them up

I enjoy the heat, the blaze of the flame

Some days, I find no leaves and I feel cold

A weary disappointment as I fall asleep in the freezing lap 

Many days, I find a log, a big one if lucky 

I worship it with fire and I mingle both together 

Fire and fuel,

Fuel and wood,

Wood and me

And me with the fire

Together we lit the nights, warm!

As the day betrays again and again

I find solace in the night 

With the leaves and the logs 

With the fire and the morning frost