Devil Sided With Me

Confused if I should do it
Terrified of the outcome
Uncertainty in every step
For each breath, I wept
But I went forward and did it
Holding courage in my heart
I fought hard against them
I never knew who my enemy was
But the devil sided with me
It made me afraid
Knowing I made a mistake
The devil was upto no good
He dragged me to hell
Throwing my life into pell mell
My fear reached its climax
And I screamed for help
In the murky waters
My voice was choked
As I felt the devil with me
I wanted to run
But was awestruck
The devil sided with me
Why and how ?
It wasnt the right thing
I realised my heart scream
And with a burst of energy
I left him there
I no longer felt his presence
I was far away
Yet my heart remembered that once
No matter my doing was evil
But the devil sided with me.


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