Drop It Will You

Everyday the same issue
Everytime the same excuse
Is this what I am left with
Are you punishing me for ignoring you ?
You know that I love you
I will always be there for you
But is it necessary to hurt me?
Why are you so insistent!
I am sorry if I am not there at times
I never mean to get angry
But you drive me to extremes
You make me lose it, you make me insane
You mock me, you don’t talk to me
How would I know that you are hurt
Why don’t you tell me ?
Just drop the poker face
And let me know what you feel
Is it too much to ask ?
You know what I am going through
Just drop the whole thing, will you?
Dont make it any more hard than it already is!
Have patience, have mercy!
I am not perfect that I wont slip
Give me a breathing space, will you?
Dont be aloof or pretend you dont care
So tell me you care, tell me you do!
Just drop the facade, will you ?
Dont make me struggle, dont make me sad
Just tell me the reasons that make you mad
Let the problems flow, let it all go
Grasp the hint, recognise the clue
Just drop the whole thing, will you ?

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