To ease the pain you feel you can do it, you get up every day and you brush aside the thoughts that destiny is miles away

Fate lets you hold on to ground, hoping that today might be different and it isn’t 

So every night you go to bed,  dejected, and you think 

What’s the point of all of this and yet again you are tricked by another dream 

And the dream shows you a dream of a life with things, a better way of life 

Not just some morals and you hope and you fall sick with the hope

Dreaming that another day, another morning might be different from today.

Yellow Mess

Crimson red roses, a blush, a kiss on the cheek

A flirtatious wink, a nervous peek

Blood rushing, intense heart beats

Counting seconds, for the wait to end 

The revelation behind the curtain, the mystery 

Long lasting illusion, wiped away for once 

Yellow sunflowers, light, something bright

Loosening the grip of the fingers, moving forward to touch 

To understand, to feel or even believe 

The yellow mess

It Gets Better

It gets better with age, that wrinkle deepens down the mouth line

To the throat, exposing your hidden strife 

It does get better, with coping, learning, pretending

The smiles, leave an impression 

A ghost of a memory, fond, 

Close to the heart, with a rhythm

Longing for the young days

Of love. 

It does get better with the warmth in hugs 

One for each lonely soul, always craving some more

A person to make a home, a harbour to shelter the storm

The skin, flaky and dull, waned like the moon about to go down 

A whisper, time is up. 

But it does get better as you grow

At loving or loathing, it is all means to an end. 


Love knows no bounds

It won’t fit in the palm of your hand 

It’s like the sand, it’s like the oceans 

It’s like a dream, of a distant merry stream

Water which flows, its the sound of the gleam

The sun with its sloppy grin, its the rays in between 

Love is mighty, but minute 

It is vast, but fits in your small heart 

The stream will flow, till it meets the river

And the river will meander until ocean wipes every drop 

Love is the name of the endless, of the eternal

If you forget, was it ever love? 

Last Page 

She never wanted the last page to turn

Never wished for the story to end 

A sense of tragedy, hoping the scene had never begun 

Gaping holes, open wounds

The bright sun overhead, making her swoon 

It’s not love, its not you. 

She knows it 

But she can’t breathe you out. 

Corner Street

So when I reach, the end of the corner street

Looking back, one last time 

I hope to see you there, waving at me 

Lying to you, smiling away but my heart bleeds

Words give way to misery, leading to tears on my cheeks, in your name 

Someone to stay for a while 

One moment, my forever

Locked away in the pages of the past 

You can keep me close, in your diary at night. 

Watching over us both, the moon also cries, shedding melancholy

On my night stand, 


So when I turn, the end of the corner street

Walk away, with a picture of us in your hand 

For no pain greater than separation of the soul, no greater night than the night we mourn. 

Only You

It’s been years since a word was uttered

A flame, rekindled 

Fire, to engulf the darkness 

A realm of light. 

It’s you and I, 

No starry nights in our favour. 

It’s an empty canvas, waiting

Waiting for you to splash your colours across the canopy 

And on to me, to ignite the light

Of our forever.
It’s beautiful what you do to me

A heart, beating in your name

I do not wish to be a part of you 

But be you. All you. Only you. 

In this nightmare, my light. 

I refuse a forever which does not lead to you.

I deny the life, without you, by my side 

Little do they know, I breathe through you. Only you.