Heart On Fire

A few day, a large magnitude
Fire in my heart, blazing my insides
I dare not look, I dare not open my eyes
For my hand is on fire
And I hold nothing but my heart in my hand
I feel the heat, I smell the burns
I see it and yet I dont see anything at all.
I refuse to take any step for I fear the fire will go out
I will once again be cold and worn out
If my heart is the price I have to pay.
So be it that way.
I will burn my heart for the warmth I feel
Just for a little while it will make me believe
That sun will rise again
The the darkness would mingle with the light
And make my world shiny just for a little while.

Some Things Cant Be Replaced

There is light and there is dark
There is day and there is night
There is sun and it is so bright
Then the moon with its majestic light
Fragrance of those flowers in the meadow
Wet due to the early glistening dew
Also the colours that we see
Makes me realise where we all would be
Had the trees not sustained us
Had the nature not been so nurturing
Heart and its vices, less virtues
More selfish
Hurts other hearts too
Foegetting that hearts cannot be replaced
Like the sun is one
And the moon is one
Like the fragrance is unique
Heart and its emotions, so silly it seems
But it equally hurts, it equally makes you want to rip it out.
Some things are important in life
They cant be replaced
Treasure those things for they may pass
Leaving behind the barren lands
The lands that once were lusciously green


Its dark and cold
Chill has spread to my soul
My heart has frozen due to monotony
I have a goal, a destiny to my name
But it seems too far, too dark, too distant
For me to cover up, to fight the mist
I am blind to what is around me
I seem to be lost
I have no direction and no flame to survive
I stand rigid and cold
Exposed to the very dark world
I try to ignite
A spark
In me
I fail
And fall back
To my initial state
There is no path
There is no way
I stand alone
A willing prey
I am trying and trying hard here
But I dont seem to move
For the chill has spread to my whole body
Numbing me.
Choking me.
Holding me.
Binding me.

Without Me

One day I will leave
Then you will know
What I was, what could’ve been
How life would’ve turned out
With me by your side
But now I wont stay
It will be too much for me to delay
To get up and just leave
Everything behind me.
It will come crashing down
Your balance, your equilibrium
Without me!
There will never come a time when you will feel whole
Without me!
You will beg for me, you will die
Without me!
Life will be awkward, everything a blur
Someway along the way I will make you realise
That you will not survive
Without me!