Giving Words To My Misery

I have many words which may define many feelings I feel
Each being connected to everything which made my nerves of steel
I am strong and I hold on
Something which is a misery to my mystery of sorrows
I hold no grudge yet the anger doesnt fade
I try to pacify, I try to make a fool of myself
As hard as I try, as difficult as you make it for me
I look for words with equal difficulty to give words to my misery
I drown in it, I relish in it
I need no hook, I need no anchor
I am satisfied with being marooned to the sea of misfortunes
What care do I have if you are dissatisfied with how I live my life?
You are not in my shoes, you dont have the slightest inclination of what its like to be me
How painful, how pathetic my life is
“Move on” they say
Sure I will but where to move on?
“Life is long” they say
Sure it is but mine feels dead already
“Its a new year and a new beginning” they say
It makes me laugh to see the ignorance they harbour.
I’d rather head off into the oblivion with the face of reality
Than believe that life is what it is meant to be.

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