Night burns a hole in my mind raging memories, battle for life.
The war breaks out and the blood is spilled
Here I sit while they tear everything apart
Watching the hole getting bigger and bigger
My fear surmounting my feat
As the war rages on
The fires burn bright
Consuming all the life, being lethal and bright
Lapping at the edges while the hole gains strength
The hole as I see, the hole as I know
Battling for life, my red blood flows
Gentle but dragging on highs and lows
Like the sea and its waves
Like the gaping hole that I now have

7 thoughts on “Hole

      1. oh. I felt like the hole created in war field.,, the holes made in the house by bullets…the hole made in the body of the soldiers… i meant these many holes 🙂

      2. Yes, the emptiness of the person after the war! Yes its the biggest hole … ( you may put this as the title..then the whole meaning will be understood by reader)- just an idea-dont take it seriously.

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