Is it time already?

Eyes that are vacant, lying in wait for someone to return home

Home is a place where you find peace, what if that place is a person?

Losing one’s home is not easy, losing oneself even harder

Time is a cruel trick, one I have said before, I recall

It flies, it corrodes, what once was fresh, what once was pure

It wipes away memories, a clean slate.

Time is forgetful, it is vengeful, it hurts

So it is up to me to form words to say my farewell

Where do I find the words to bid adieu to one I have known

To one I hold dear, is it time already?

To let go, to set free your soul? Do your eyes, your voice ask this of me?

How can I deny what you want? It is my loss,  my pain to bear

Time has not touched me like you, I do not wash away with the waves of the minutes as they go by

My time had stopped, yours flew by

Is it time already? I didn’t realise.



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