I hear the sound, an inkling in the dark

Imminent danger, lurking somewhere my eyes cannot reach

The gates are closed, the walls stand tall

Is it me or I see cracks, the signs that it is all giving way

Giving way to a burden, more than what my body can bear

I hold that thought, I hold myself high

The torment I undergo, Just before the walls fall

I brace myself, I feel the sudden rush

No doubt I am scared, scared of the spirit the flood carries

Like a giant serpent, it makes its way through my gardens of peace

Trampling the flowers of my solace, leaving them nothing less than the weed like menace

Gobbling up the wooden floors of my stability, as I watch the ground disappear underneath me

My heart throbs as it sweeps up everything in its path

Leaving destruction in its wake, declaring an open war

The flood, as it breaks me down, as it tears me apart from what I knew was mine

The flood as it drives me away from what is mine, forcing me to retreat

The flood as it makes me weak, makes me bow down to my vulnerability

The flood as it is, a monstrous and destructive tyrant

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