Failed love stories

There’s nothing more I can do but stand on my head and hope that the person ahead of me will stop and turn and look at me while I burn.

There is nothing more that I can do but cry and wail in despair while trying to convince the person ahead of me to stop and look while I turn to ash.

There is absolutely nothing I can do but watch as each love story fails, one after another, making me wonder if it was me leaving all along

Fail. Stories. Of. Love. Told in ways that no one understood. As leaves started falling in Autumn and the breeze picked up speed

Whipping my hair across my face and reminding me to treat them like dirt. You are dirt.

You had to know

You claim to love, you claim to care and yet you hurt, you refuse to share

Mighty high your attitude stands, anger issues fuel the fire

Refusing to meet the eye, you turn away from the one you love

And who loves you? One person from the crowd, can easily be misled

Into believing that you do not care.

Talk about metaphors and veiled attacks and never be on point.

Well, it’s a shame for you had to know that this time, it was different.

You had to know that the lover wouldn’t give up until he/she loves.

You had to know.


I am drowning in regret

What could have been done to save a sinking ship?

In my defense, I didn’t realise there was a leak

A leak that took my dreams down with it.

Into an abyss of the infinite ocean, never to be found in the depths of silence.

Muffled forever, hidden behind mysteries unknown to me.

And I am floating, towards the endless horizon

Not knowing when the suffering will end, when it will end.

The ship has sunk, and my spirits sunk with it

And regret is something that comes unannounced and never when required.

When it reaches you, don’t panic.

Let it wash over you, and float away to your own horizon

Closed Doors

I stand at crossroads, I stand alone.

I stand in desperation, I stand in need of help.

Staring at failure, behind me and ahead

I look and I see closed doors, I see the end.

Could it be that this was the last chapter?

The pages have finished and I can see the binding?

It’s the end?

Crossing borders

Give me a reason and I will leave.

I have the cause, I have the scars

I just need one reason and I will walk.

To the end of the borders that they made and I will cross over

Will all the paper work, ofcourse.

Down to the last mole on my body

I will be identified and tagged and followed as I live across the border

From where I stand today.

At least I won’t be in pain. But let’s not tempt fate.