Dear Death

I hold on and I hope
I dont know how long I can really cope
I may give up, break into pieces
I never would know if he came
Please, let me stay a while longer
He might just be round the corner
Keep your eyes on the horizon
He might be here any minute
Be patient with me, hope with me
He will come and I know it
I feel him near me, around me
Dear death! Be a darling and take me away a little later
Do me this favor please
I beg you to wait
Let me fight a bit more with my fate
Dont take me with you yet
Wait till the sun will set
Wait till the moon comes out
Till the world will die for the night
And if he doesnt come till then
I will go with you with a defeated heart
A heart which will die before you take its soul away
Till then please wait for my sake.

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