An Echo

Just as the walls around a cavity
Like the bars of the prison
Just like a well with a deep down level
Just like a heart of a shattered soul and a preserved body
Same as the pieces of that heart
Same as the broken pieces of glass
Echoes the epitome of silence
The eternity filled with the deaf moment
Like the never ending deserts of Sahara and Arabia
The endless and stretched out pacific round the globe
I see.
I hear the echoes, the shattering cries of those
The pieces and the emptiness
The agony, the silence
Eating away any capacity for feelings
Rusting away in the empty corridors of time
An echo.
Of your voice filled with love
Found from my feeble memories
As the nameless voice used to call my name
Ringing around my heart
Echoing through my soul
The voice, your voice
Mixed with pain, loss and tragedy
Found from the feeble memories
Of the way you used to call out to me.

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