Robbed Princess

Search for peace, I search for release
Hold on to hope, I hold on to sanity
Pray for escape,I pray for strength
A thorough evil for me, evil with a maze
I wont get out it seems
I yearn for freedom, I long for ease
Being a girl is not easy
Step in my shoes and see
Rediculed, caged, used am I
No one to stand up and shield me
Punching bag for the males
I am thrown and disposed
No one to ask
No one to give
Since I was born
Life was a curse
Didnt have a cot
I was left alone to rot
Some snatched my right
When I was a cell
Some murdered me in cold blood
When I was born
Others beat me up
And burned me down
Just like a thief, they took my crown
Being a princess, I was made a slave
Rendered useless by the evil wave.

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