My Winds

Doors banging, windows clashing
Curtains blowing, as my cool winds take hold of me
A sudden darkness in the hallways, the spooky whooshing of my winds
I listen for a while as winds find their way into my little cottage
I run out into my garden and jump in glee
The trees welcome me, dancing on the rhythm of my winds
I feel proud as my winds make them bow
Take me away, along your way
On a different path, to a merry place
So I sway in joy, with the leaves and the breeze
The goosebumps on my bare arms, the soothing chill in the air
Makes me calm, makes me want to fly
Along with my winds, go to distant fairy lands
Find my destiny, find me my prince
Round and round I go,
The winds playing with my hair, blowing it away from my face
The gentle tug of the winds on my shirt
I long to embrace them, if only I could hold them
I look up at the tallest trees of them all
Giving me direction, pointing out my way
Someday I will adhere and follow
My winds, leading me to the fairy lands
To find my destiny, to find my prince

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