Where I see my end, I see your beginning.
You keep searching yet you never see
You never see the odds against the veils
Yet I stand and give you direction
You do not see me
You dont give me another thought
I walk with you despite your choice
When I know I can break free
You hold me down and cage me
Laughter bubbles out from me at the irony of life
You refuse to let go while I cant wait to break free
To let go of all the burdens I carry for you
And to set sail out in the open sea
Time may pass or it may fly
You had me, took me for granted
Now I am gone, but you cant carry on
I laugh and laugh and laugh.
Till eyes are filled with tears
For you and for me
For what couldve been and what could never be
Somewhere there will be a light which will give me peace
I have found my release
That is my end, That is your beginning.
Beginning of a new struggle.
Without me, alone you got to walk.
Till your will breaks, the strings of your soul vibrates!
Now I may be talking abstract but plain words can never describe
What I hold inside
How I built for years and how you blew it all away
It took you seconds to destroy everything.
It took me eternity to fix each bit.
The scars, the cracks remain
No matter how hard I try.
I feel failure leaking through
Poisoning me, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth
As I spit and gag to let go of all that
I feel bound and nauseaus
Yet I laugh and Laugh and Laugh.

6 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. Hiya Shifa,

    I am quite new to WordPress, though I have been having an account for more than 3 – 4 years! 😛 So, I don’t even know when this poem was written. Can you let me know about the time period ?

    I picked this poem as my first read from your portfolio attracted by the title. “Abstract” is a beautiful, yet vague word.

    So, this poem is quite interesting. I love the variety of emotions used as well as the changing tone. Yeah, I felt it was being a bit monotonous, especially in the long, weary sentences, but I guess that phase passes as I proceed further.

    { I hope I can be a bit critical too, hope you don’t mind }

    The last few lines are, well, chirpy and I think they have combined the theme of the poem efficiently.

    You have used Figures of Speech aptly in the poem, especially the repetition in the last line remind of the poem – ” My Mother at Sixty Six ” wherein Kamala Das used repetition in the following last lines – “all I did was smile and smile and smile”.

    It wraps up the poem and does signify a changing mood of the poet. I guess your mood too turn a turn as you wrapped up you poem.

    In all, I enjoyed reading this!


    PS : My apologies for the long review, it has been my habit for years now. I have started my new blog – http://thewritinghaven.wordpress.com/ . Can you review some of my pieces ? I would indeed be honoured. 🙂

    And hopefully, I will read through your other works!

    1. I am surprised you gave so much thought to this poem. And its good to be a critic. You keep the writer in her shoes. If you know what i mean
      Thanks for highlighting the good as well as the bad points.

      I will be delighted to read your blog and subscribe to it. Blogging is amazing and you should continue with it.

      Thanks for following mine :).

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