Travel Diaries #6

A day in India Habitat Centre. There’s a lot of greenery around. Too green I should say but I liked it there.

Also the cafe there wasnt bad. “Eatopia”. Lol. I didnt like the doughnut :/
But the coffee was good.


I travelled in metro today. Walked around the Cannaught place. It was a good day.




Red Or Blue

Cant remember that detail
Though I remember the night
I saw you there on the balcony
Things seemed pretty lively
Chatting away you stood a few feet from me
Wearing a black tuxedo, you looked good
Lean and tall
I kept staring but you never turned
I looked at your chest pocket
And the handkerchief attracted me so
But I cannot recollect if it was red
Bright and fiery, like the sun
Or was it blue
Like the calm blue waters of the oceans
I just couldnt remember
What was it?
I just couldnt let go.

Travel Diaries #4

South Indian food with different varieties of Dosa!
I wouldve loved to upload the dosa pics but i swear i forgot the blog and even my name when the food was put on the table. I gobbled it all up … And later realised I shouldve taken pictures. This one is when we all had finished eating.
I felt I kind of expanded. Hahaha


Then Ice cream … Big hot chocate fudge!!! *tired*


Travel Diaries #3

Here there everywhere.
Sitting in Starbucks again. Alone. For hours. Writing your musings in your new diary. You got your phone and ipaad with you. Earphones plugged in and having a raspberry chocolate pastry. That, my friends, is what we call spending time with yourself. 🙂

At kfc. My favourite place on earth.

Filling the feedback form. 🙂

Travel Diaries #1

The reason why I havent been active on my blog is that I had exams for the past two months and as soon as my exams were over, I went to delhi. So currently I am in Delhi and I am posting from here on the couch, in the living room at Kailash Hills, New Delhi. Today I went to Humayun’s Tomb with my cousins and it was quite an experience. My cousins want my trip to go amazing and so far it looks quite promising. 



 That is me in front of the monument. It was so beautiful and I know I look quite excited because I was. 



This picture is very memorable indeed. These are my cousins. I am the third in the line. 





This was the end of our sight seeing. The door was so freaking heavy, I couldnt move it and so I am just posing to open it. 😛

All in all, a very good day with family and I really am thankful for all of them. 🙂

Leaves And Love



If asked to pick

I would pick leaves

Those lush green leaves, those supporting leaves

The feel, the soul of spring, the non betraying shade

The forever commitment to die before betrayal

They hang on till they wither’

Till life is gradually sucked out of them and they are swept with the wind

Away from their beloved, away from everything they ever lived for

Withered, exiled away to the cold, hard ground

The world never cares, crushes and treads on them

But they are dead, their hearts broken.

The feel has left their body

They are dead, their stories forgotten

But those who love know their love

The feel, the feelings, the heartbreak

The endless waiting, the futile efforts

The rejection, the still blossoming love

That threatens to never fade, to stay throughout the summer

Create an atmosphere which is surreal

The time of love till it passes

Thats when the hearts break, when the first leave hits the ground

After falling from the heights of love

To the depths of heartbreak

So I choose leaves, my leaves, the green leaves.