Like Water


And so he left 

Like water sliding under the bridge 

Never constant, no matter how much I try 

It slips from my fingers, leaving slime and weed stuck to them. 

Like water, he left

As I find myself alone with void inside me 

His absence felt and but cannot be replaced 

The weed, I am, trying to catch a few drops here and there 

But its transitory and so was he. 

Closed Doors


You closed the door or I closed the door 

How does it matter since you are not here anymore? 

What I claimed was mine, was never mine

A mirage that you showed me, a packet of lies 

I took what wasnt mine, you gave what wasnt yours

So locked outside in the rain, I watch as you slam the door shut in my face 

Soaking wet, I stare at the darkness, alone. 

Minute Details


When you care for someone, you do whatever it takes to make them happy even if your absence leads to that happiness. So, walk away.

Always walk away.