10th February, 2016


Happy Birthday, Maa. 

I love you. 

I miss you. 

Please dont leave me. 

May you have a long, healthy life. 

I dont want to write you a poem this year. 

Words dont add up anymore

The value I place on you. 



Our foundations were weak, I suppose, my love 

Deception, it was all just a mimicry of life I wanted 

Of what I wanted you to be 

I apologise for not knowing 

For mistaking you for someone dear to me 

You are free to go, I held on for too long 

You were not the right one, I just didnt know. 



Well, now that the fest is over and we have come back to our normal routine, I managed to find time to gather a few pictures from the fest and through these pictures introduce certain people in my life. I dont have a huge friend circle. I have a quality circle of people who I can genuinely call friends. And I am proud of them.

Anyways, the fest went quite well. I was tired as hell by the end of it but it was worth it. :P Spending time with my classmates which I hadnt done in quite some time was somewhat a really good experience.

Our fest was for two days and our theme for Day 1 was ethnic and we were so tired on Day 2 that no one really bothered to dress up that day. hahahha. I was the chief ones among them.

Yes, I am in all the pictures below but then its my blog and I have every right to be on every nook and corner of it.  :D #narcissistic much ?



I have been building a life with new people around me and its quite a good experience. New people bring in new ideas to talk about and new opportunities as well.

Today I had a good day. I may finally tilt towards some optimism that life can be better after all.




Its our college fest tomorrow. And I, who doesnt really work or volunteer for anything, did work this time. And I did some good work. 

We worked till late in the night. It was exciting and exhausting at the same time. 

I will upload the pics of the fest too! 

I feel so proud of myself. 😆


Coffee And More 


I take too much sugar in my coffee. 

Sometimes life gives you a reflection of yourself in someone else and when you have so much in common, its like the good part is just the beginning. This someone is my friend, Tushar. We share our birthdays! He is sort of my alter-ego. I am not sure about it but lets see. 

Here he is. One of the most unreliable people out there!  😆😆 

I have no idea why I mentioned him here today. Maybe,  I just wanted to set a milestone about him before he vanishes as usual. He just walks out on people,One of his perks I would say. But thats okay. 😋