Its A PromiseĀ 

From me to you, words precious 

A promise to never let go. 

Its okay, the world doesn’t seem worth it 

But you have me and that’s a promise. 

Somewhere losing the will has set you back 

But hold my arm and I will lead 

I am just you, and you me. 

Like shadows, we move with the sun. 

Not Known

Let’s die, tonight 

Set the soul free. Its sad. 

And sad it must be. 

Who cares but the ones who never turn away? 

A chase, that game you like to play! 

Tear stained cheeks smile bright, they ache. 

Red nose, sniffing away, maybe its cold. 

Its not known, but the water is too salty to drown. 


Sit with me

Talk to me 

Hear what I have to say. 

You will enjoy my company. True I am not loud or chirpy. I am not flirty. 

I may be boring in many definitions. But I promise its worth it to sink in the deep waters and hear the sound of silence. 

Give me a chance. I am alone. And it no longer favours me. I struggle to break free. But the shackles of solitude are too strong. They won’t let go. 

I am hidden in the shadows and I need to be liberated. For once, roam free without the burden I seem to carry and yet my hands are empty. 

And I am lonely. 

My Window

A small window from which I view my world

I call it mine and yet I feel alien in it

Strange and stranger still as I walk out

Seldom do I fall in line with others

Who talk and live, I watch with fascination

The love and the warmth

The jealousy and the conceit

I retreat and yet my window waits

Comforting, I view the world

Away from prying eyes.

I have been silent about 2017 so far as I do not really believe in making resolutions or wishing luck in the new year so on and so forth. According to what I study, time is an illusion but that is a story for another day.

Today, I’d just like to point out the highlights of this month. The year began with a little bird watching.

This is the blog of my friend, Sutirtha, who was kind enough to let me tag along one of his bird watching walks.


Then a few days ago, I went touristing to Agra. I had never been to see the Taj Mahal and this trip was organised so I could finally see it.


We did not stop there. We went ahead to Fatehpur Sikri, the final resting place of Saleem Chisti. We saw Akbar’s court and his personal harem too. It was amazing to see the lifestyle the Mughals used to have. Such grandness and poise, larger than life.


And ofcourse, I cannot resist but pose whenever I get a nice background.

Tears of Wonder

Do not walk away from the path of peace

Be ruthless if that is what you want to achieve

Write odes, write sonnets, write all kinds of couplets

but do not walk away from the path of joy

Be strong to fight for what you deserve

Hold on tight, be not gentle in your grip

The walls may collapse, you hold your ground

Weep for all its worth, cry for peace in your feeble heart

Know who keeps it right and fight for the cause

The tears will wash away the blackness in your soul

Leaving you to wonder, leaving you warm in the cold.