Twinkling Stars

Stars twinkle, or are those lights? 

Which seem to be fading out as I try hard to stare 

To make sense, it is all falling apart in my head 

Or is my body collapsing? 

Am I giving up? I fear

This is what it feels like to let go? 

Did I even let go? 

Or am I just fading, like dreams in my sleep 

Those lights still twinkle, or are those stars? 
From the morose attitude to the struggle to be happy, heartfelt wishes to all. Happy Diwali! 


Like saffron, this scent comes drifting to me 

In the breeze, mixed with something sweet 

Who knows what it is 

But the saffron lights on the horizon can tell

Spread over the clouds, scattered across the sky

It’s the end of another day, another time

Longing creeps over me as I remember them one by one 

And sigh the deep sigh of despair. 

Inner Self 

I went in search of myself, tumbled across the story 

One more time, the ugly duckling 

The face of utter despair, the moment of disdain

I hold this image dear, for its a reflection  of inner Self 

I have fought and I have found 

Some value to my existence 

And yet that beaky face and the story behind it 

Makes me feel that I am the duckling. 

I Crossed Over 

I was asked if I wanted it 

And I didn’t know. 

So I said yes, and they passed me over 

I did not care if I wanted what they asked 

So I shut my eyes to them and waited to pass 

No sensation, no movements 

Only my breaths, piercing the silence 

How could I know? 

I was here, and this was it. 

When they asked me, I did not believe 

All I did was let them be, and so I Crossed Over 

That Window Was My Light 

My cage was very weird, I could come and go 

But I did not fight the bondage 

As the window was my light. 

Come day, come night

When it rained, when sun shined 

I never did recognise my plight

For the window was my light. 

I would fly, but come back 

I would turn away in despair but always return with regret 

I never thought of a different life 

For that window was my light.