I Crossed Over 

I was asked if I wanted it 

And I didn’t know. 

So I said yes, and they passed me over 

I did not care if I wanted what they asked 

So I shut my eyes to them and waited to pass 

No sensation, no movements 

Only my breaths, piercing the silence 

How could I know? 

I was here, and this was it. 

When they asked me, I did not believe 

All I did was let them be, and so I Crossed Over 


That Window Was My Light 

My cage was very weird, I could come and go 

But I did not fight the bondage 

As the window was my light. 

Come day, come night

When it rained, when sun shined 

I never did recognise my plight

For the window was my light. 

I would fly, but come back 

I would turn away in despair but always return with regret 

I never thought of a different life 

For that window was my light. 

Careful, Don’t Burn Yourself 

It’s been a long time,  there is no fire 

No spark to ignite, the long lost light 
It’s been a long time, there has been no sunrise

The night feels too dark, for the clouds cover the moon tonight 

 A flame, like old times

I can make, rubbing two rocks alight 

Careful, don’t burn yourself 

This is not for you, but you can share the light. 

Dispel the damp, dark cover of the night. 

One may rejoice, but know this 

Nothing lasts, and so it all will end. 

In ash. 

Creating The Storm

Mess with the trees and you raise a storm

Tall, dark, swirling

One whoosh and push you to the ground

Leaves blow, the widows woe

The death comes creeping through the window

No matter the age, the storms will rage

Knocking at your door, knowing what you hold

Carry in your arms, your precious life

Death will come for all, make sure you know when its your call.

You Can Love

You are not meant for adoring anyone, nor are you known for lust

You are not meant for average love, the love that others share

Yours is meant for greatness, beyond

A love to move mountains, to create storms

You can love

No matter the heartbreaks, no matter the let downs

You can love the love they speak of in romance

To the moon and back, something which is divine

You can love with the intensity of your core

Resonating through your entire sense of being

To the last shred of life, to the last heart beat.

That is the love you can love

Not the meagre adoration that others share

Its okay if you lose, the loss is greater on their side too

Like sea you engulf, like sky you overwhelm

Your love is immortal, your love is infinite

Its love they will never know, who don’t see beyond the body.

Your love isn’t lust, its something pure.

Its not known, but it has been heard of

Its a cure for pain, its an antidote.

I would love to love, this love you show

for there is none better than you who can love.

Selfish People 

Try as you may, you can never satisfy the sin

Which lives in the heart, deep below in the grove

They dive in the ocean of your sanctity

Plunge the knife, deep. 

It never ends,  the giving and sharing 

Until you are out of both. 

Then they walk on, prey on other souls. 

No I don’t want to say 

No I don’t want to share about my day 

It’s mine, and I own it.