Story Of The Shining Stars

After a day’s worth of waiting
As the dusk seeped through the magnificence of the sun
Setting it low on the horizon
Those shiny dots come out to display
Their beauty, their charm and purity
The virgin starlight so mesmerising
Bathing the world in its dim silvery glow
They play hide and seek with the cloud canopy whole night
Dancing in and out of the earthlings’ sight
A compliment to the black velvety night
The stars shine against it, drowning the black beauty
Outshining all under the mother moon
They bid their time through the day
While reflect their joy on the world as we lay
As the dawn arrives, these dots scuttle away
Out of sight, dissolve into the sun’s might
The stars await the dusk, to unleash
Their power and glow
To once again form the reassurance during the night
That stars are watching over us, shining mighty and bright.

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