Pseudo Patriotic

“Hail ho ! The mighty nation
My love for you is undying
I will lay my life for you
I will sacrifice myself for you!”
They shout in the streets
Say it with so much passion
That they themselves believe
Feel adrenaline pulsing through their veins
The rush of blood and strength
Shout slogans and challenge enemies
All the while I watch their dance
Their false commitment
I remain silent through their act
Because I know the time will come
To unmask the traitors

As yet at the time of need
Not a single one is in sight
All vanish to save their skin
Abandoning their nation and kin
I laugh at those low lives
Those treacherous liars
Oh! How I wish to gather them all
To punish them for their mutiny
Deliver justice to those who were wronged
But I am bound tight under them
I cannot move, cannot make a sound
But there will come a time when they will be unveiled
And uprooted like the dirty weeds
These pseudo patriots are traitors of the nation
Betrayal plain on their faces
Yet a convincing power so strong
They lead and lead with glory
But behind our backs laugh with mockery
Huh! They will be caught and hanged till death
Until then not a true patriotic will agree to rest !

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