Torn from her bed
Her barbie sheets thrown back
Snatched at midnight
Led into the foul light
Searched all around her Pj’s
And forced to board a dingy bus
Holding her mother’s hand
As she looks around with terror
Panicked as she was, dark as it already was
She was taken from her home
Without shoes, without her bunny slippers
Transported to some unknown place
Cooped in the bus were they
Cries and wails of unsettled kids
She remained silent throughout
As they were held at gunpoint
Heart hammering against her chest
She tried to be brave
She smiled a watery smile
To show her mother that she was fine
Covered in mud, hair matted with dust
She was introduced to the world
She felt cold and sick
Yet they moved on
Her mother held her close
Prayed for them both
Said that refugees were they
Hiding and fighting for life
Let them not suffer or strive
Give them a home
A place to call their own.
Refugees were they
She listened to her mother’s whispers as she lay.

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