Saluting Mankind

I salute mankind

with respect in my heart !

I noticed the life of man

How crude! How hard!

He doesn’t know his purpose in life

but nonetheless

he trudges on !

At every step, life gets dirtier and hard !

All connections to happiness barred !

At times, he feels like ending the turmoil.

Just stop this hard work, patience and toil.

His life feels meaningless.

Losing his loved ones everytime he feels that it is over.

Receiving blows and blows.

When he feels that his legs will give way,

he finds courage in his heart !

A treasured place, his heart is !

so pure and true

that life keeps ripping it apart !

Tears and cries are the order of the day

But he goes on and on !

Today I salute man for what he is !

Of what he is capable of !

True, he has his faults

one greater than the other !

He can hate like the wildest beasts

but he can also love like the mildest trees.

True, he has a tendency to be mean !

But he must have a reason unseen !

Man deserves encouragement

to move on the weary path!

Together we fight

against our fate !

To be happy and content

With our loving mates !

Shifa Naseer

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